The Best Idaho Raft Trips

What Rafting Trip is Right For You?

When signing a liability waiver before a rafting trip, it almost feels like you are signing your life away. The dangers of white water and the absolute necessity of teamwork can be daunting for many beginners and experts alike. One mistake can lead a rafter to the myriad of rocks and strong rapids below. Although studies have deemed this sport safe, the thought of falling off a raft is pretty scary. This danger and thrill of combating nature’s forces drive many to rafting trips. But how to decide which rafting trip is best for you?

Here, we have listed the best rafting trips in Idaho based on their popularity.

Main Salmon 6 Day Trip

Take a break from the world with a rafting trip through the untamed Main Salmon River in Idaho. This rafting trip is perfect for beginners and experts alike with its iconic five thousand feet depth and one of the largest flora and fauna wilderness trips.  An adventure that offers a wide range of experiences for families and whitewater enthusiasts, ranging from 5 to 6 day trips. This thrilling and historic rafting trip is the iconic Idaho river rafting vacation where you get to witness nature at its finest. From rafting to fishing to relaxing to hiking, you get to do it all. The river flows through impressive canyon landscapes, tall trees, all surrounded by the Salmon River Mountains. The lodge at China Bar offer additional appeal to give everyone a chance to stay refreshed with a shower and a bit of rustic luxury in the wilderness. The most remote river trip in the lower 48 to ensure that your rafting trip isn’t disturbed by the modern world.

Snake River "Hells Canyon" 3 or 5 Day Trip

Snake River has some of the largest and fastest waves in the Pacific Northwest, and the canyon boasts a depth of 8,000 feet. Surrounded by stunning rock features, the river has Class-III to IV segments with Class-V in extreme high flows. Only the most experienced are advised to see the river during peak flows early season if snow pack is high. You can either take the three or five-day rafting trip. The area is rich in fish and wild animals and has a lot of activities to offer for families and individuals alike. These include; • Hiking • Camping • Fishing • Bird watching • Animal watching • Ancient Indian rock writings, and much more.

Owyhee "Canyon Lands" 4 or 5 Day Trip

The Owyhee River offers rafting adventures offer fun rapids ranging from Class III to Class IV. What it lacks is enough water flows during the summer months.  The Owyhee is a High desert river that runs in April and May, this makes for a trip that is suited more for the adventurous spirit.  Regulated to very small groups this is one of the least known and experienced rivers in the NW.  The unique geology and spectacular canyon walls make for a awe-inspiring rafting trip. The river’s surroundings cliffs show off their colors and layers gloriously. The rising and setting sun are a sight to behold on this trip – a sight you just can’t have enough of. Here, you’ll also find opportunities to photograph exotic birds, beautiful scenery, and perhaps sit in one of it’s many natural hot springs while you’re at it!  A 4 or 5 day trip of the Owyhee River is an experience you will not forget!

Lower Salmon River "Canyons" 3 or 4 Day Trip

For a relaxing river rafting trip, the lower gorge of the Salmon River (class III+) is perfect. This rafting trip is popular among family and friends, where the whitewater is fun and exciting, and the sandy beaches are spectacular.  Enjoy the beauty of the lower Salmon River Canyons on a 3 or 4 day, 52-mile journey to the confluence with the Snake River where you will experience a fun Jet Boat ride into Hells Canyon. You’ll find a lot of wildlife that call this river home along with good Small Mouth Bass fishing.  The Lower Salmon offers the warmest water of all raft trips which will add significantly to this awesome natural experience.

Riggins Area Raft Trips 1/2, Full and 2 Day Trips

The Riggins section of the Salmon River is the 65 miles accessible by road that has great, beaches, hot springs, and offers shorter trips for busy schedules. Rapids such as Ruby, Lake Creek, Time Zone, Trap, Ladder and more will definitely be an exciting adventure for you and your family. You can book a trip ranging from half day to 2 days to enjoy this rafting trip to the fullest. If you’re planning on a family trip or a thrilling solo experience, the MRO guides have you covered.

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