Raft Kayak SUP in the Idaho Wilderness
Kayak and rafting trips in idaho
Raft trips in the Idaho Wilderness
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The foundation to a great river trip

The use of our gear boats allows us to bring a higher level of overall trip quality to our clients.  Because of our system you will have more river time, this includes extra stops for hiking, history, fun and games.

Supply Raft »»Our custom-designed gear boats carry the river kitchen, all the guest camp bags, ice chests, and other camp gear. This allows our guest boats to stay open and free of clutter for a much better ride and a more spacious feeling. Each morning the supply boat is loaded with camp gear, and one of the guides takes the boat to our next camp. The supply boat arrives well ahead of the guests. Upon your arrival at camp each day, you'll find the site completely set up, even your tent will be up, sleeping pad inflated and hot or cold drinks will be waiting. What a life!

Oar Raft  »»Our most popular and versatile client boat for several reasons. These 16 foot "self bailing" rafts offer great comfort and plenty of excitement. Your guide can navigate this boat without the help of a paddle crew, however 2 or 4 paddlers are ussually appreciated when smashing through the larger rapids. This raft is ussually a 4 to 6 person craft.

Stern Mount Paddle Raft »»A great way to get the most out of every wave on the river. Be part of the crew and grab a paddle to help manuever our sporty 15 foot rafts. Your guide will instruct you on how and when to paddle as they sit on the rear of the raft with oars that give them plenty of control as you propell the boat through the crashing waves.

Inflatable Kayak »»Also reffered to as a "duckie", these 1 or 2 person kayaks let you challenge the river on your own. Enjoy the solitude of floating alone, many guests enjoy reclining between rapids and gazing at the spectacular scenery. Don't worry if you have not had kayaking experience our guides will assist you on what to do and give you basic paddle skills needed to adventure behind one of the guided boats through the whitewater. Inflatable kayaks are available for everyone on all of our trips so you can take turns enjoying the ride. We recommend you request a kayak for yourself or family if this is your preffered craft for your adventure.

SUP Board »»Stand Up Paddle Boads are becomming everyones favorite. MRO has been providing our guests this great new option for several years, are guides will help you learn how to paddle around in the calm water around camp our show you how to navigate small to medium sized rapids with ease. These are also great for fishing around camp or just relaxing on as you admire the setting sun.
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