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The trip was really good - no exceptionally good, no amazingly good.  One ussually expects the brochures you recieve to create some expectations that will never happen, not with yours.  The trip was better than any of us imagined it could be.  Of course the guides made the trip so much fun and tried very hard to make sure we got everything we needed before we needed it. The food ! Sushi on a river trip - now thats way past expectations.

Thanks again, and wish the guides the best.
Stephen Peats
Camden, Me

What to Expect | Itenerary
Salmon River Canyons
The Wild and Scenic Lower Gorge

The Canyons trip is the perfect combination of adventure and relaxation.  It is truely the ideal whitewater rafting trip for families, combining just the right amount of exciting whitewater, swimming, games and relaxing on the beaches. The Salmon River is the largest un-dammed river in the lower 48 states giving it an abundance of pristine white sand beaches great for play and overall camp quality. This rafting trip boasts the warmest water, the fewest bugs and the biggest beaches.

The Lower Gorge of the Salmon River is the second deepest canyon in N. America. The geological diversity will amaze as you pass through spectacular landscapes, steep granite walls, and metamorphosed volcanic gorges with columnar basalt formations. Your guides will interpret history of the Nez Perce Indians and the pictographs along the river. You will also visit Chinese pit dwellings, abandoned homesteads, and old mining claims.

All of MRO Lower "Canyons" River Trips include Jet Back through Hells Canyon to Pittsburgh landing where your just an hour back to Riggins.  The jet back gives you much more time to relax and enjoy the Salmon River eliminating the unpopular last 20 miles on the Snake River to Heller Bar.

Salmon River Canyons Trip
    »»3 Day ... $995.00 adult | $780.00 youth
    »»4 Day ... $1295.00 adult | $950.00 youth
3 Day Dates still available for 2019: July 3, Aug 20
4 Day Dates still available for 2019: July 9, Aug 7
If you have a private group - Call for availability for 2019 or 2020

  Lower Salmon River family river raft trips  Complete Trip Summary & Details

Whats included: With MRO you will only need to find yourself in Riggins the night before your launch date before 8:00 PM Mountain Time.  You will recieve your MRO duffel, personal dry bag and large camp bag with sleeping bag and pillow at the pre-trip orientation.  You will be transported to the river launch site just 30 minutes from Riggins.  On the last day you will board a jet boat that will take you 30 miles through Hells Canyon on the Snake River to Pittsburgh landing where you will be shuttled over the mountains and back to Riggins.



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Lower Salmon River Gorge Family Raft Trip

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